Life Changes Quick (Or, ‘whelp, I guess I’m a homeschooler now!’)


So, I planned my first post to be about the once-a-month meal planning and shopping we’re trying out. I’ll still make that post sometime next week, but man, life comes at you fast.

We’ve debated homeschooling Bird since before she started school this fall. She’s got a complex set of needs that make meeting them all tricky, and five years old just feels so young to have to go sit in a classroom for seven hours a day. I both went to public school and was homeschooled, so I’m aware of the pros and cons that exist for both, and I felt that homeschooling was right for us. However, I felt obligated to give the public school a shot, since it was so close and was highly rated.

While Bird’s teacher and TA are fantastic, there have been problems since the beginning. These issues span everywhere from administration and county-wide problems, all the way down to bullying and peer group problems. It’s been weighing on us heavily this whole time, but after two particularly terrible and unacceptable incidents last week (one of which happened to a friend’s daughter, not Bird), it felt like the last straw.

We’re not sure whether or not we’re going to finish out the year, but we’re leaning towards not. In the meantime, we are zeroing in on how we’re going to do this, planning curriculum, and getting our house set up for it.

While it’s overwhelming, I’m excited for this new chapter, and all the positives it will bring our child and our family. We live in the DC metro area, so we have all the District has to offer right there, as well as a fantastic library and parks system. You can expect to see at least some of that in the blog in the future, too!

Happy Wednesday to everyone and I hope you have a great week. I’ll be posting about monthly meal planning and shopping later this weekend!

The Apartment Homemaker Gets Frugal


Hi! I’m Elise. I’m a 30 year old homemaker living in the DC metro area with my daughter, Wren, and my partner, H.

We are good with our money, but we could be better – we manage to be very frugal for about a month or two at the time, and then life gets busy, I get sick or have a chronic illness flare up, or H has a stressful period at work (or frequently, all of the above!) and we backslide – we still spend responsibly, but don’t save or pay down debt as aggressively as we could.

However, things have changed. We’ve decided to make a move to a smaller and less expensive town in about three years. It’s closer to family, the town is more how we see ourselves living long term, and we can afford to buy.

With this decision came renewed motivation to be as frugal as possible, get debt free, and save towards buying a home. I’m using blogging to keep myself accountable, keep track of what worked and what didn’t, and to see how we’ve progressed as time passes.

Thanks for reading!